Friday, May 6, 2011

And then there are times it's a hate/hate relationship...

A couple people have asked about how editing is going, & I'm gonna be honest with you guys because, well, you're all my friends & because it's 12:30 am...

... it's going a tad sucky-ish right now. It'll pass, I know it (well, I hope it), but that doesn't take the suck-age out of the moment.

It's just slow going. Just look at this progress as of tonight, tangled up in my restless bed:

Yeah, it looks like a mountain ahead of me. Straight up.

I'm sitting down this weekend & making some tangible goals because right now the thought of 280+ pages to edit is just unimaginable, unacceptable, & uncool.

But for those of you who are interested here are a couple keeping-me-from-leaping-off-a-building articles about hating your book (see, I'm not crazy or alone):

The Importance of Hating Your Book
The Ever-Popular I Suck Playlist (shout out to Rachel for emailing me this)
Revising: Staring Into the Great Black Abyss

And thank you to Libba Bray for this lovely last line that's keeping that notebook from being thrown in the shredder:

"I want to escape, which is the very reason why I have to keep at it. because I know something's about to break through. And when it does, I really hope I'm there to catch it."

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Emma said...

Ha, this post reminded me of my very quirky (totally eccentric english/german) English Teacher. He always said to me when I was falling out with my short stories
"If you are happy with the first draft the whole thing needs to go in the bin!"
After asking him to explain he said if you are happy with the first draft then you can not edit it honestly and improve it.
Just thought you'd like that comment hehe.
He was an ace English Teacher and backed me up when another teacher decided that at the age of 15 there was no way I could have wrote a physcological thriller and accussed me of plagerism :) I take it as a compliment now, not at the time tho hehe
Good Luck editing x