Thursday, June 2, 2011

Public Libraries

Oh, public libraries, how I love thee.
Your kind sharing of knowledge & entertainment.
Bringing authors I love to speak & inspire.
Always having the books that I love to read.
And most recently your lovely summer reading program for the kiddos.

We went & signed the kiddos up. Syd & Rob are VERY serious about getting their reading done & marking it off. And local adults if you're interested there is a Teen&Adult summer reading program too.

Let's here a HIP-HIP for public libraries!


Christina said...

How fun! I love the library and already take my 2 year old all the time. I just wrote a post about it last week.

Katie said...

HIP-HIP! We will be having weekly trips to the library with all the kids this summer.

Leah said...

I seem to keep passing libraries without going in. One day I'm sure to enter. By the way, that first pic of Syd behind the stacks (where you just see her eyes), I had to do a double take because I definitely thought it was you (and I couldn't figure out when you went blonde). Wow.