Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Quilts

I am not a quilter but I want to be. I never really learned & have no idea where to start but I'm thinking of starting on something on the smaller side. So, I've been looking at baby quilts. Aren't they just lovely:

1. Love the vintage-ish fabric choice, the color combo, & the red herringbone stitching
2. This quilt is bold & bright & probably one of my favorites
3. I love seesucker fabric & this looks like a relatively easy one to make
4. I've got a thing for color gradation rainbows like this- so pretty
5. Linen is the perfect backdrop for these bright red, pink, and oranges
6. My lovely writer friend Rachel made this adorable bunting quilt


Merf said...

i love when you post what you love---do you pinterest? i would TOTALLY repin most of your stuff!

Katie said...

I am a quilt lover. I want a big beautiful one for my bed. Like you, I have never made one, but I want to someday!

lindsey said...

I've done some quilting and it really isn't hard to do small ones. Our stake does quilting every thursday for humanitarian aid, if your ward or stake does something similar its a good place to learn and get connected with people who quilt.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I made my son a blankey before he was born and sat it in his crib. 5 years later and he still cannot live without that thing. He calls it 'pinky' because he prefers one of the little corners. It's like the last toddler thing I have over here. I'm holding onto it! haha!

Danielle said...

Oooh I love these! Thanks for the inspiration.

Monica said...

I WANT that second one. OH MY. I don't currently quilt but my mom is pro and Alicia quilts. I need to learn from them when we move back to the USA. Kaitlin has done some quilting you should have her over for some help. Although I don't quite remember what kind she made....all I remember was she did a lot of tying.

I found the quilt I want my mom to make a while back and it's a pretty easy {looking} one and she agreed! i think its similiar to the second on only a bit bigger triangles and just a few solid colors.

I hope you get to be a quilter some day.