Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School GOODIES!

1. Love the idea of giving a back-to-school gift to your kiddos & love this wrapping
2. Cute clips
3. Love this backpack (I almost got it for Syd but she needs a bag that can hold a piece of paper & these backpacks are unfortunately too small)
4. Love these print out signs (with the date on it too)
5. My lovely friend, Rachel, has been doing adorable bento box lunches for her kids- when it's time for Syd & Rob to have lunches I'm SO doing this!
6. My cousin Katie does fun back to school family nights/dinners with her boys. Love it!
7. Tote bags for little ones
8. An ADORABLE pattern to make your own toddler backpack
9. Groovy shirts for your back-to-school kids


Katie said...

I am loving' this post -especially the link to the bento box lunches. I have been trying since Colin started school to come up with good lunches and snacks for him. I usually end up packing snacks for him with stuff that we never eat at home (like crackers and fruit snacks) just because it is hard to think of portable food that he can eat relatively quickly. I love her ideas and I am trying harder than ever this year, so I will be using them.

Thanks for the shout-out! I remember taking that picture/making that meal while trying not to lose my lunch last year because of "morning" sickness. Awww, memories :o)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

#9.. that t-shirt is adorable!!

M said...

Shopping for school supplies and clothes was always the best part about going back to school in the fall.