Monday, August 1, 2011

Hunger Games: Movie News

I tend to not worry too much about the casting in movies from my favorite books. Even if at first the actors seem REALLY wrong for the parts with a dye job, make up, loosing/putting on weight, etc they always seem to turn out great.

Thankfully after seeing these promo shots for the main actors for Hunger Games I'm so excited. They look perfect!

And if you don't know the rest of the cast, it looks like it's going to be uber-some big name actors that I think could be awesome for their parts.

1. President Snow 2. Ceaser Flickerman 3. Effie Trinket
4. Haymitch Abernathy 5. Cinna 6. Claudius Templesmith

If you don't know what I'm talking about then get thee forth to my house to borrow the Hunger Games trilogy before March 23, 2012 when the movie is released!

What do you guys think?
Are you as excited as I am?


Unas Tontarias said...

TOTALLY! Looks awesome :)

Matt said...

I'm super excited! Doesn't it seem fast that they could be releasing it in March? Hopefully that doesn't mean doing lame-o CGI!

Kristal said...

And woops, that was me... not that Matt isn't excited for it too.

tom + lisa said...

Ahh! These picks gave me chills... I'm SO excited!!

Em and Russ said...

I'm excited!!! I think it will make a great movie!! I also think that Woody Harrelson will be great.


Em and Russ said...

I can't wait! Are you going to have an epic showing party that I need to come down to UT for (a la Twilight style?)

Malea said...

Doesn't "the boy with the bread" look a little more like "the MAN?" He seems just a little too old in those pictures to be a teenager... I'm optimistic, though!

Anonymous said...

The only one I'm not happy with is Peeta. I hope I like him.

monica said...

We are very excited in this house. We bought the first two books in London so Jachen could read...he is on book two now. Just yesterday we were looking up the cast, little did I know you posted them and we could just have looked here. I am glad they dyed her hair brown I was worried because either I remember picturing her with brown hair, or it was written in the book. I am guessing now that its written since her hair is brown. We just watched the newest Xman movie and the girl that plays katniss is in it, so now im excited. I am sooo happy for who they casted for Peeta. Just can't wait!