Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun 2011

The kiddos costumes aren't done yet (somebody please slap me so I'll work on them ASAP) but we've had some awesome Halloween activities this week so we had to improvise our costumes. Check it out!


We had a blast at our church Halloween carnival. Syd was an Indian (does it look familiar from our Thanksgiving play last year?) & Rob's a cowboy (in awesome cowhide chaps & vest made by my dad).


This is our 3rd year at the fun (I'll be it slightly ghetto) "Pumpkinland". Rob put together a pirate outift & Syd was a princess. The ladies & I had a blast too. Check out years 2010, 2009, & 2008.


We were able to join Esther & Robby's homeschool group at "Classic Skating" for some dress up fun. This place is a blast! We tried skates for about 10 min but, thankfully, they also rent scooters for kids to ride around. The kids rocked Spider-Sibling costumes again.

Ignore my voice... it literally sends shivers up my spine.
What Halloween fun are you peeps up to?


Ashley said...

Your improvised costumes are better than my kids' actual costumes :)

Smithy said...

all great costumes, can't wait to see what the real deal is!

hotpants™ said...

Love the cowboy and Indian costumes! We went to Zoo Boo last night. It was crowded, but we had a great time.

Meagan Brooks said...

Ha! Classic Skating still does that?!? I used to go to that. Did you see any polgamous familys? ;)