Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gender Neutral Baby gifts

I was just talking to Es about gender neutral baby goodness & then a few days later I got an email from a blog reader asking what she should get a friend who doesn't know what she's having.

And since I've done some research about this, without further ado gender neutral gift ideas:

1.. Genderless gifts like a baby gym or baby bouncer.
2. Some pretty genderless toys- here, here, & here
3. It's not easy but there are some cute gender neutral clothes out there: here, here, & here.
4. Swaddlers: here & here.
5. Baby carriers like these.
6. Etsy is filled with screen printed onesies that are adorable for boys or girls: here, here, & this blog post.
7. Necessary baby items: diapers, nursing pads, baby wipes, & diaper cream.
8. Gift cards or waiting until the baby is born- boring I know, but ultimately helpful for some "gender" clothes later.

ANY OTHER IDEAS from my brilliant friends?


M said...

All good suggestions. I went to a baby shower recently where the mom didn't want to learn the sex of the baby and it was interesting to see what people gave her. She got a lot more "stuff" than clothes, which different than most other baby showers I've been to. I gave her some plain white onesies and green-and-yellow sleepers or something, which were the only gender-neutral clothes I could find at Target. Of course when she had the baby and it was a boy, I had to go back and get her some cute clothes with pirate skulls on them. :)

Esther Noelle said...

Gift cards are so great. :) And late presents are awesome too.

John said...

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