Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I never really learned to ride a bike. 1) with all my ear issues my balance is basically non-existent, 2) we lived in apartments a fair bit so it wasn't easy to ride bikes, 3) I was never really all that interested it, & 4) I was hit by a car when I was little & it pretty much terrified me of cars. To this day.

But Syd is getting up there & hasn't had a bike. All the kids in our neighborhood have bikes & ride them all the time. Scott stepped up & said, "It's time". He also reminded me NOT to pass on my personal neurosis to our children. Fair point.

So, I bit the bullet at literally 11 pm the night before her birthday party & bought a bike.

She is an incredibly cautious child. A to-the-letter rule follower. I have a feeling the breaks will give out before Syd ever does anything remotely dangerous on that bike.
I'm just holding my breath & trying to give her a little leash- something that I'm terrible at.

Now, I just need to worry/be terrified for when my little totally-UN-cautious wild man is ready to learn. It's going to be quite a sight.

P.S. Rob is riding his tiny vintage tricycle that Scott & I restored for his 2nd birthday. He towers over it now.


stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, I love that picture if Rob. I love seeing Scott with Syd in the background.

Smithy said...

what a girlie bike - i bet she loved it!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

so great. here in switzerland you get trained in school how to ride bikes on roads. like you literally go out on the roads riding in like a training course. there are lots and lots of bike riders here.

I am so nervous when I ride. At school I would borrow bikes from people i knew and then finally my last year a bought one, but didnt use it much cus I am NOT one to ride alone. I have to someone with me to be comfortable. But the times I was on one was great.

M said...

I, of course, am a big fan of bikes for adults and kids. :) Get them started on bike safety and proper riding now so you won't have to worry about them later. Bikes can be a great way for them to be independent when they get older--before they're old enough to drive (or when you don't want them to drive!). And what a great form of exercise too. Have you got helmets for them yet?

The exhilarating freedom you experience on a bike is like no other feeling in the world!!

M said...

PS Way to put your own fears aside so your kids can experience something new. Good job, mom!

Maria said...

We got our kids balance bikes when they were two and before they were 4 they could ride a two wheeler without training wheels. Balance bikes are so fun. They feel like big kids but it's a little more comfortable for me (and they are learning to balance). We live on a very long cul de sac so it's been fairly worry free. I still get paranoid though. First off, I let them each pick out a helmet and they HAVE to wear it to ride. Have fun riding!

Photo Girl said...

That last picture is AWESOME!