Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sydney's Bowling Party

Syd decided she wanted to go BOWLING for her birthday so to start the day off we went to our local slightly-ghetto-but terribly-fun bowling alley.

Sydney's sweater: Gap
We had some awesome friends join us to celebrate our little Syd-Star & her special day.

There were some mad bowling skills going on here:

I'm pretty sure my kids only really enjoyed bowling for the first 5 frames or so, but we did end up having a blast!

After bowling we went back to our house for the rest of the party. There is NOTHING in the way of bowling decor anywhere so I kind of went with a red & white like the bowling pin theme (it kinda ended up looking like Valentines Day though).

We had pizza & other goodies. Plus, how perfect were these red & white labeled sodas from our local grocery store?

We had cake & opened presents, and basically had a blast!

Hooray for Sydney turning 6! Thank you to everyone who came & celebrated with us- we really do have the best friends in the world!

P.S. I forgot one of the best parts. We set up a semi "disco bowling" activity in Rob's room. We darkened out the windows, put glow sticks in empty water bottles & put together a glow stick "bowling" ball. It looked cool & was a blast!

P.S. Syd's past birthdays: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th


Em and Russ said...

Can you come and decorate for Mirian's birthday? You are seriously the party queen! And BTW, you haven't experienced ghetto bowling until you have bowled in Yakima. Come try it out sometime!

Smithy said...

how fun! wish I could've been there.

M said...

Will you plan my next birthday party? Looks like a fantastic celebration!