Monday, April 2, 2012

Lincoln pictures by Sabrina Watts Photography

I recently became friends with one of Scott's friends wife, Sabrina. Turns out she's an exceptional photographer & is trying to build her portfolio with a more whimsical, fantastical style. She asked if she could take some pictures of Lincoln & I was happy to oblige!

He wasn't terribly cooperative, but we were still able to get some shots that she wanted & I think are original and so cute.

Check out the rest of Lincolns pics over at her blog & some of her other sessions too!


Kristal said...

Man, I need to make friends with more photographers... I wasn't feeling up to taking pictures of Natalie when she was born and now I don't have any cute ones. Curse my stubbornness for not wanting to hire a photographer. These are great! He's so stinkin cute.

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

He is too cute, and those photo's make him painfully adorable. What a talented photographer. x

April Carter said...

Those are great. Love the Opera singer headdress....random!

Photo Girl said...

Thanks, Olivia! We still need to get together so I can give you the disk.

I guess I could give it to Steve to give to Scott on Thursday. But what fun would that be?