Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playing Jamba Juice

The kids wanted to go to Jamba Juice the other day, but we already had everything to make them, so I told them we'd play Jamba Juice when we got home.

I made up a little sign with the different fruits they could pick to put in their juice:

Used Syd's cash register (that she got for her birthday), took their orders, & was paid with play money:

Then I went back made their drinks & presented the creation to them:

It was a blast for everyone involved. But it does mean that they ask to play Jamba Juice about every 5 seconds.


Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

Must try this game with Ian, much comfier than heading out for juice.

Smithy said...

i want to play jamba juice!

M said...

What a great idea!