Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sibling Face Compare: 2 month

Today Linc is 2 months old! I know, what the heck?! Time is flying!

And keeping up with the previous post on how the Carter children do, or do not, look like each other BEHOLD the 2 month face compare:

Syd, Rob, & Linc at the end

I couldn't, for the life of me, get Linc to look at the camera & smile. He'd look everywhere else smiling but not at me. Of course.

But I've concluded that our Linc has a little look all his own. Though is it just me or do they have really similar noses, eye shapes, & nice chubby cheeks!


Lindsay Jane said...

Your kids somehow manage to look alike but still look like their own people. But still, I think Lincoln has the most unique appearance. Maybe his skinny face early on throws me off? Who knows. Either way, I sure like that baby.

Angela said...

They are all so stinkin' cute. I love seeing all the pictures you post of Linc. He is a doll!

M said...

They're definitely related! I love their huge eyes. I think Rob is the most distinctive-looking in these photos.

Kristal said...

Look at all that hair Rob had! That's nuts, Natalie is a little jealous over here. Wow, Linc looks like a mix between both of your other babies... an exact blend of Carter/Jeppson, since both your other babes look more like one side I think.

Smithy said...

yaya! love the baby comparisons! agree with Kristal.

Katie said...

They really all have their own look but still look like siblings. He is a total mix of the two sides of the family.