Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HOW TO: Birth Annoucements

1. When making a small amount of invites I love the extra touch of lined the envelopes:

I'm sure you guys already know, & are much more talented at Picassa, but for those that want a little basic info here's how to did the lined & tilted lettering on the pictures. Sorry it's totally messy looking (I printed them at CostCo):

Write a family letter.

4. I wish I had instructions on how to do this but Scott is my Photoshop Wizard. Maybe I'll have him do a "guest post" one of these days on some basics of editing in Photoshop. But let's just look at the magic of taking two pics & making them one. (the only way we can get a good family picture these days):
5. I love, love, love the new trend of Washi Tape (or paper tape). Here's the one I got. A couple of my other favorites: here, here, & here.

And TA-DA! Birth announcements complete! Hope this helps you get your own creative juices going! Any questions?


M said...

Very cute and clever! I sometimes edit photos in PowerPoint. It doesn't do what PhotoShop can do, but you can add text, borders, frames, etc., to a picture (or group of pictures), then save it as a new picture.

kaitlin said...

olivia you are looking SO good in that family picture! loving your hair especially.

April Carter said...

My daughters are all so talented...whaaa. I can't do anything.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Love all this creativity. Coryn will love this. She loves to make envelopes as well. Darling family photo:)