Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing & Snacking

There are days (especially lately) that we are SO BUSY its hard to make time to just sit & be together. We have had to make a special effort every day to have a nice long chunk of time without phones, computers, or TV.

One of our favorite activities are boardgames. It's hard to find games that are interesting enough to hold everyone's attention (Candyland just ain't doing it for me anymore) but Monopoly Junior is one we all love.

And to go along with your awesome family hang out time, try out one of our new favorite snacks, homemade Raw Trailmix:

raw sunflower seeds (we get our raw seeds from WinCo's bulk section)
raw pumpkin seeds
cacao nibs (Goodearth at the cacao in nibs)
dried bananas
Yeah, I know it's not exactly a recipe or anything but this is our personal favorite "blend". Basically you can put whatever you'd like in there & it would be tasty!

Let's be honest a combo of tasty snacks & your favorite people just makes life better.

1 comment:

M said...

You're absolutely right--tasty snacks and your favorite people is the perfect combination!

PS I love that Rambo is hanging out with the family too, in the background of the photo.