Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wardrobe De Lincoln

I got an email just the other day complimenting me on Linc's clothes & asking where I buy them (seriously, thank you so much, that made my day). It's just SO nice to hear it because I do really think about how I dress my kiddos in general but I am no fashionista.

I just wish I had an easy answer for my blog friend & for you guys. A lot of the brands that I would love for Linc to wear are just WAY TOO expensive (like here & here too) for clothes they'll grow out of in a few months.

So, I get thrifty & have a couple favorite places I get clothes too. Here are a couple rules I follow when dressing Linc:

1. Let them be comfy! I just believe in letting bambinos be comfy while they can- especially pants.

2. Simple onesies- I tend to not love most baby clothes with saying & cutesie animals on it. I gravitate to the simple plain shirts, patterns animals, & stripes.

3. Make your own- Iron-ons, embroidery, paint, dye, fabric markers- all great ways to make your own cute shirts.

4. Thrift stores & sales- I know thrifting is not for everyone but the cutest clothes I've bought (especially stripe-y pants are from thrift stores) & I always keep my eye out for sales.

But as for stores, a couple of my favorite places to get clothes for Linc are at H&M, one of my favorite "expensive" brands, Zutano, now has a collection at Target & I've actually been impressed with BuyBuyBaby. I can also usually find a couple things at the classics Gap (though, again, pricey for baby clothes when not on sale) & Old Navy.

So, thank you for your nice comments on this kiddos clothes, but really, I think it's just because the kid in them is so darn cute- he really makes the clothes!


stephanie said...

Zutano is at Target!? Stoked!!

becca said...

how super super cute is he!
I'm envious of all his outfits.
thrifting for kids just makes sense; I love how sensible you are about dressing your babies :)

Esther Noelle said...

You definitely have your own style that shines through your kids as well as you! :) What a cutie!