Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HOW TO: Easy Flower Crowns & Easy Customizable Fans

It's so easy you brilliant people don't need a tutorial but someone asked me how I did the crowns & fans for our Summer Solstice Celebration. Plus, I want to show, like many things on my blog, how you can make fancy "seeming" recipes/DIY activities/ crafts that aren't fancy at all. 'Cause that's the way I roll.


I bought flower wire from the craft section at Jo-Anns. I kinda wish it was thicker & if you have the option of thicker wire (but still super bendy) do it. I got all the flowers at our local Dollar Tree (because the same flowers are like $6 a pop at Jo-Anns). And hot glue (my best-crafting-friend).

I took the wire, measured it around my head, twisted it & then twisted a second time all the way around to give it some thickness (again, it was REALLY thin wire- so easy to work with but thin).

Then I took apart the flowers & leaves from the stems. You could easily make a crown with just flowers & no leaves but I loved the way it looked with flowers & leaves (and much more summery).

Then just kind of glob the glue on there and stick in on (I started in the center & worked my way around each side). It's gonna look like a hot mess when you start but once it's all on there I promise it looks great.

Put on the glue & held it for a second, blowing on it. Then I set it down to dry (on a cardboard box in case it sticks) & then added the flowers along the edges.

I went for a more random sort of look but it could be great with one kind of flower, super symmetrical, & I even made a cute all leaf one fore Rob. I also made one on a headband for Syd which was cute but sits up higher on your head- more a Frida Kahol look.

Wear it proudly & feel super pretty (or handsome as the case may be).


I have a collection of paint stirring sticksfrom various home projects & they were perfect for the handles of the fans. I bought a mini can of gold spray paint & painted them (it took less than a minute & it drys SO fast).

Since we were doing an evening party I opted for a "summer night sky map" & then prettied it up (in "Paint" mind you, no fancy "Photoshop" here) with gray & yellow.

Then I found a quote (Thank you, Pinterest) about stars on the other side. It turns out this quote isn't from Galileo but rather from this lovely poem "The Old Astronomer" by Sarah Williams.

I printed them off on heavy paper & hot glued them to the stick and then hot glued them closed. Then I just rounded off the corners.

Ta-da! They could be customized for any kind of party- for a wedding with ceremony info on it, for an auction (as the paddles), with your babies face on it for a b-day party. The ideas are endless & I will SO be using this idea again.

Email or leave a comment if you have any questions!

P. S. After I painted the sticks I walked all around the house trying to find stuff to paint. I ended up with just a couple mason jars (which I am SO in love with). But watch out or everything in your house may end up spray painted gold.


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Em and Russ said...

I might need to make Mirian a crown now. They are super cute!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Thanks for sharing. I too love the many uses fpr Mason jars:) Love the fans. My mind is swirling about using these ideas for perhaps a "May Day" celebration next spring...

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