Friday, July 13, 2012

BYU Museum of Art

Today we went to the BYU Museum of Art. I am SO in love with that place- it's free, it's lovely, it's family friendly, & I used to be an Events Planner there.

There was an awesome exhibit of Islamic Art there. I love Islamic Art but style-wise I was worried that the kids would be bored- it's mostly intricate designs & rugs. But they did an excellent job making it visually lovely & interesting for the kiddos. Syd said it was even better than Trafalga. That's high praise for a six-year-old!

They have a separate "hands on" section for the kiddos all about Islamic Art & language. It was lovely and they had this large "wishing tree" where you write down your wishes & hang them on the tree.

Syd wished for a scooter. Rob wished for enough money to buy this Scooby-Doo DVD he wants. I wished that I could write a story I'd feel confident enough to share with people. Linc didn't make a wish, but if he had I'm pretty sure it would be to get rid of the terrible gas he's been having. It's bad, people. And there you go, the wishes of the hearts of the Carter family.

In the basement, they had a lovely exhibit of Western Art- a comparison of painting of Native Americans & Settlers. It was fabulous & with quite a few of the western paintings by one of my favs, Minerva Teichert.

Afterward we popped over to the BYU Creamery- famous for their HUGE ice cream selection. When I asked Syd & Rob what they wanted for their ice cream they both said, "MINT!" I looked up at the flavors board surprised by... seriously? 4 different types of mint ice cream? Don't even get me started on their chocolate ice cream selections!

So, if you are in the Utah area, get thee forth to the BYU MOA & Creamery. You'll love it!


Ashley said...

Mmmm....we used to go to the creamery during Ed week. Don't think I've been to the museum though- only the Bean Museum. It is great to live near universities and partake of free offerings!

brook said...

did you see my wish up there? sounds like yours. . .

April Carter said...

Can't wait to come visit Utah and go to both! Yahoo.