Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earrings WINNER!

Sorry folks, I'm always late on posting winners! I entrusted the pulling of the winner of the lovely Chrysanthemum earrings my sis-in-law makes to Sydney Marie. And trust me, this girl takes her job very seriously.

So, the winner of the matchy, matchy hot pink earrings is Erin - my fabulous longtime childhood friend! Congrats lady!

I also had Syd pull an extra name for another pair of yellow ones I have & the winner of that extra pair is one of my old college roommates Stephanie!

So, ladies shoot me an email with addresses & I'll throw them in the mail as soon as possible!

Remember if you didn't win Kristal is still offering a 10% off discount. Just use the code GNOMESWEETGNOME when you buy them!


Smithy said...

lame. didn't you tell syd about my secret offer to pay her 50 cents if she pulled my name?

Esther Noelle said...

I feel like they should feel very special for winning! Ha. And LOVE Syd with that backdrop of your cute!