Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fiction Fiend #6- Meet Karrigan

I count myself very lucky to know Kerrigan Byrne. She is a fabulous friend & when we get together, which is not often enough, we talk for hours & hours. And about everything- superficial stuff like dying our hair & kids schedules, all the way down to the deep stuff like religion and life philosophies.

She is also any AMAZING writer of romance & her books, for Kindle, are doing exceptionally well on Amazon. Her first book is Unspoken, her second is Unwilling , & if you are looking for a spot-on well written, sexy, steamy historical romance you can't get any better than Kerrigan Byrne.

And here she is to share with us some of her personal favorite books:


So here’s my website and a little bit about myself:

I’ve often been heard complaining that I was born in the wrong century. Flowing skirts, coifed hair, horse-drawn carriages, and dangerous historic political intrigue? YES PLEASE!

Only, I’d need my iphone (aptly named iPhan the Terrible), my laptop (named Bathory, but I call her “the Countess” behind her back), Pandora radio, and my coffee maker/espresso machine.

I stole my first Romance Novel from my sister at 13 and have been obsessed ever since. I do come up for air to appreciate some classic literature i.e. Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Alexander Dumas, but I’m never without my latest paperback to keep me company.

I write mostly historical romances and I have some contemporary suspense percolating. But my characters always have one thing in common. They’re Celtic and proud of it!

Some amazing escapist fiction:

The Fever Seriesby Karen Marie Moning – This is a series of 5 books and I’d say that they were somewhere in the large spectrum of paranormal/dystopic/urban fantasy/ mythology/. I was leery of this series, at first, because I was already an avid (See: rabid) fan of KMM’s Highlander series and, as I cracked open the first chapter I scrunched my nose at a couple things.

a. First – it’s in first person point of view. I almost exclusively read 3rd person omniscient. The only authors I’ve broken this rule for, so far, is KMM, Charlaine Harris, and Mary Janice Davidson.

b. The heroine is a 20-something bit o’ fluff that I was certain I would NEVER come to identify with.

c. It was initially set in the South and I suffer from a rampant bible-belt/hillbilly phobia. (Don’t worry, most of it occurs in Ireland)

However, because I am incredibly loyal to my authors, I stuck with it, and let me TELL you. It fast became my favorite series of all time. KMM has a fantastic voice. Her pacing is flawless and her characterizations are unbelievable. The main character, MacKayla Lane, goes through the most intense character arc I’ve ever seen and yet still stays true to herself. The men who impact her life, Vlaine, and Christian MacKeltar Jericho Barrons, *fan girl squee* are all dynamic, mysterious, and sexy. MacKayla ends up being a kick ass heroine who you’re rooting for the whole time. This series has everything you look for in good fiction. A murder mystery, a “chosen one to save the world” trope that is truly unique, love, sacrifice, action, comedy, loss, surprising twists, poignant depth, and (most importantly) IRELAND! I would recommend it to almost anyone.

NOTE: Characters from her other works have some wonderful cameos in this series. You might consider enjoying her earlier books before this one, but it’s not necessary.

A book that makes you think and feeds your soul:

~ Eat, Pray, LoveBy Elizabeth Gilbert -- I almost exclusively read fiction. Also, I tend to avoid books that have burgeoning notoriety because I’m almost always disappointed by them. (See: Twilight series, Harry Potter, Etc… I’m not hatin’ they’re just not my bag). So, someone bought me this book as a gift and I picked it up to read out of a begrudging sense of obligation. Let me tell you, it changed my life. If you’re a writer, a woman, someone who’s ever been married, depressed, anxious, divorced, in love, confused, traveled, religious, non-religious, made a tough decision, loved Italian food, Indian food, asian food, exotic locations— Hell, if you’re part of the human condition, there is something in this book for you. Ms. Gilbert’s voice is pure poetry and she flays open her entire psyche with wry, self deprecating humor and aching honesty. Reading this book is like having an intimate conversation with the most interesting person you’ve ever met. I guarantee you won’t regret going on this trip of self-discovery with her because, inevitably, you’ll also discover something about yourself and it will bring you hope.

NOTE: After you read this, pick up her follow-up: Committed. It’s likewise amazing.

Something obscure that you should definitely try:

The Eightby Katherine Neville – You’ll be really interested in this series if you were ever a fan of Dan Brown a la Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones. I read this book some years ago and it has stuck with me this entire time. I can still remember character names, places, and the fantastical plot line that ASTOUNDED me. This is a book that, I’m sure, will become a classic. It follows two women (One in 1972 and one in 1792) who’s destinies are entwined by a mystical chess set once owned by fate-favored leaders like Charlemagne. Some of the incredible cameos in this book are the likes of: The Marquis De Sade, Napoleon and his sister, and Anais Nin, to name a few. I’ve oversimplified the plot, and there isn’t any time travel, if you were worried about that. But, this read, while a bit meaty and will take you time to chew, is such a treasure.


Esther Noelle said...

I need to start READING again. Ugh. It's been a long time. Your friday posts are good reminders for me to start reading! :) So many good books out there. And I was just thinking how funny it would be if I were to write one of these posts for you - "um, this book is really good because I liked it." Ha. I'm a horrible critic. So glad I have you as my book dealer. :)

Meagan Brooks said...

Interesting picks! I'll have to check them out! I loved Eat, Pray, Love the movie, but I'm betting that the book is sooo much better!

Smithy said...

yay for friday fiction! i liked Eat, Pray, Love book version much better than the movie.

also thoroughly enjoyed the dan brown books, so i need to check out this Katherine Neville!

Rachel+Co said...

these suggestions are great. i read eat, pray, love a while back. i love that elizabeth gilbert.

but i'm really interested to read kerrigan's own books! maybe it's time to download my first book on my ipad.

Anonymous said...

Your Friday posts are causing my Goodreads "To Read" list to get longer and longer! But that's a good thing!