Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Family- September 16th

Hiya All!

I guess Scott & Lincoln didn't get a memo to smile for the picture. They both have this same expression in every picture. Good thing they're both cute regardless of the level of perkiness on their faces.

We had a fabulous week- lots of cleaning, play-dates, generally bonding, & working more on the yard (I foresee that this yard will be a never ending project that will simply continue for all eternity, leaving tracks of dust dirt all over my house).

This week I plan on tackling a couple projects- an attempt to make babyfood (any advice would rock), maybe a sewing project if I'm feeling brave, & filling an order from my silly little Etsy shop for a wedding.

What about you guys?
What do you have in the week ahead?
And what are you making for dinner?
I have had a couple fails this week mostly because Scott had declared that it's too hot & I can not make any more soup until there is snow on the ground (too bad that prior to the declaration I already had bought food for & planned for two soups last week. Uh-oh. Hehe).


Liv said...

Making baby food is easier than a piece of cake!

I only did it for a little while though, because I had WIC and it was easier to just get Beechnut for free than make it myself. Also... I didn't have a working blender or food processor. So yeah.

But really, it's easy! And my less-lazy mom friends have all done it.

Kristal said...

Woot! Ya, yard work seems like life's little practical joke... it never ends. Woot for a wedding order from your etsy shop! That's awesome! As far as making baby food, you'll have to let me know how that goes, i plan on starting when we get up to Beale. I got a tiny food processor from RC Wiley that I plan to use (tiny=baby right?)but that's as far as I've gotten.

Katie said...

Smokin' in that outfit, Olivia!

Christie said...

I would never get to make soup if I followed that rule!