Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Family- September 30th

Sup, friends?

It's the last week of September & I can not wait for October to begin tomorrow! Our family, we're hardcore Halloween fans. So, we pretty much celebrate all month long. I'll be sure to keep you up to day on the festivities & if I can get my act together I might even do a "Halloween Advent"-y type calendar. We'll see how brave I'm feeling!

This past week has been excellent- lots of cleaning & hanging with the kids. I even snuck (this computer is tell me snuck isn't a word- am I supposed to say sneaked?) in some writing, & read a fabulous book (review to come this next week). So, all in all, I call that a gosh darn good week.

What about you guys? 
Any fun stuff this past week? 
Anything awesome in this next week? 
And what do you do to celebrate the lovely month of October? 
Anything to add to our "Advent Calendar of Spooky Awesomeness"?


Esther Noelle said...

Glad it was a good week! Such a great family picture! I'll have to hear about this book. You'll need to include us on some fun kiddo Halloween stuff! :)

Em and Russ said...

Hooray for October! It is my favorite month! I already decorated for Halloween last week, because I LOVE Halloween. Some of our favorite things to do are go to the pumpkin patch, eat pumpkin donuts, cook yummy fall treats, make apple cider, jump in leaves, and the list goes on and on. Love you guys! Have a great week!

M said...

Rob pretending to bit Linc's foot in this picture is awesome! Such a cute family!

Anonymous said...

I love October and Halloween. I put my decorations out yesterday. We go to Zoo Boo every year. We go to the pumpkin patch every year. We decorate pumpkins. I'm trying to think of a new activity to do this year especially since Ro is older and can participate in more stuff.

Katie said...

Our October this year is going to be jam-packed. First a visit to the mountains, then Gabe's b-day, then a week at Disney World, then Halloween. I am soo excited, but a little scared!