Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Family- September 9th

Hi All!

It's been an exhausting weekend. I had the funeral of a friends mom that hit me harder than I thought it would & as soon as I got home we worked our tushes off on the yard. I honestly dropped into bed, & slept like the dead.

Sunday has been busy & frustratingly stressful (I think how we all look in this picture speaks volumes about how we were all feeling- mellow, tired, hunkering down). Sunday's are supposed to be our "day of rest" but that rarely happens. The kids did request some sort of "fun activity" & so we decided to have them draw some pictures, tape them up on the wall, & made a little museum. It was just so darn cute.

I think after a hard Sunday, as I run up and down the stairs tonight, I get to look at their sweet, innocent, & really awesome works of art and feel blessed. Despite all the annoying stuff & despite the lack of rest, I've got some really fabulous kiddos.

P.S. On a lighter note, here's a lovely conversation in Scott's church class today:
SCOTT: "What is a peacemaker?"
KID: "I know! I know! A hippie!"
OTHER KID: "What's a hippie?"
KID: "A homeless person that travels around and makes peace signs."
Oh, children, the giggles you give me.


Esther Noelle said...

Sorry it was a rough weekend! What cute pictures. Kids are pretty great, huh? Hope you get some rest tonight!

Eva Lavelle said...

Kids always make things seem better! Kids and sleep that is :)

Kristal said...

Love that church story... it makes me feel kinda old.