Monday, October 22, 2012

Start your week off right!

 A couple smiley fellows to start off your week right:
I had a semi-rough week last week & I have every intention of having an excellent week starting today.

So when poopy diaper explosions, volatile temper tantrums, writers block, excessive whining, piles laundry, dinner burnt to a crisp, OR the crazy amount of sewing/dying/painting I have to do to get Halloween costumes ready try to get me down I'm coming back to this jolly picture & I'm going to remember it's all worth it.


April Carter said...

I love it. What a good big brother Rob is....and Linc is so grown up and smiley. WAAAAA we are missing it all.

Rachel+Co said...

i think using the word "jolly" puts you off to a great start. let's have an awesome week together.

M said...

Love the photo! What cute boys!