Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Space

In my experience, having a baby means, be willing to make space. 

You make space in your abdomen to grow a human being,
space in your house so you have somewhere to put them,
space in your car for a car seat & crayons marks on the windows,
space in your purse for diapers and a change of clothes for an unavoidable poop explosion,
space in the dishwasher for the mountains of dishes you now have,
space in the fridge for Gogurts,
space on your hard-drive for the ten-tons of pictures that you now have documenting their lives,
space on your floor for the scatter of clothes, shoes, toys, and snotty tissues you will inevitably step on in the middle of the night,
space in your brain to worry over all the issues you are causing them,
space in your arms to rock them to sleep,
& space in your heart to love them.

But most often, you have make space in your bed for a snorty baby and a too-big-kid to snuggle up and find comfort on a stormy night of tummy aches & bad dreams.


Kerrigan Byrne said...

Beautiful! <3

April Carter said...

I love this photo. So cute. I want to eat them all up.

Smithy said...

thank you anonymous for letting us know about compound wedding dresses.

liv - love the photo. S never sleeps with us. Sometimes I have been tempted to snuggle with her at night, but then I'm afraid if I start, I won't be able to get her to go back to her bed.

Esther Noelle said...

Love your words. Love the pic. So sweet! :) So true.