Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday Family- Nov 11th

Madness. This week is wonderful of madness!

So, if you're wondering how crazy my week is, than I guess this would be a good way to represent it: "Sunday Family picture not posted until Wednesday". I'm just saying I'm religious about getting Sunday Family picture up and to not have it up until mid-week is a travesty. Also Linc was napping so he didn't make it into the picture.

But regardless the picture is up & please let me note something- WHAT ON EARTH am I wearing? I rushed, put something on, ran to church, caught a glimpse in the mirror in the bathroom, & went to Scott (probably while cursing under my breath) and whispered, "Scott, look at me! Why didn't you stop me this morning?" To which he shrugged & said, "You're the fashionable one." Welp. My bad. But, alas, we learn. So, don't judge me by this picture I think I must have had an aneurysm that morning or something.

Onto lighter topics, so much awesome stuff this week! Writing group, a church activity, Parent/Teacher conferences, Breaking Dawn, & Bijou Market- all this week! Awesome, busy, busy stuff. So excuse the lateness & general absence. I'll make it up to you next week.
In the mean time:
What are your plans for Breaking Dawn?
And favorite Thanksgiving food? 
I'm making ours this year & kinda at a loss. 


Jill said...

Oh I will have to see Breaking Dawn, as I've seen the others and have to see the ending so I've seen them all. However, I admit the later ones are not as great as the first two, and I doubt if this last one will be any better. Kind of got disappointing as they went.

Em and Russ said...

I am hoping you will want to see Breaking Dawn again in Newport, because that is the only way I would get to see it. All my friends here think I'm crazy that I want to see it. Good luck this week with everything!

M said...

I don't think the outfit is that bad, honestly. I like the blue-black contrast.

As for Thanksgiving foods, last year I made roasted root veggies and they were heavenly. So easy to make too--the hardest part is finding things like celery root. It's a nice alternative or addition to mashed potatoes (which I also love). Of course my favorite part of the meal is pumpkin pie, but I think that goes without saying. :)