Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Family- Nov 18th

That's right folks I am alive!

The fun exciting crazy week is now put to a close. Thank-stinking-goodness that I survived! Two little words are the only reason I'm still alive. Scott. Carter. For reals, that man is a saint. A saint with a dirty sense of humor & an addiction to caffeinated sodas. But a saint nonetheless.

The market went well- I learned a lot about what I did right & what I would do differently if I were to do it again. Which, I don't know friends, it was a lot of work. And drink stirrers may not be the best things to sell in that kind of setting. But all in all it was a FABULOUS experience!

Now, we have a lovely small Thanksgiving to look forward too. It's with just our little family so if you have any suggestions to making a small but thorough Thanksgiving dinner please let me know. I'm kind of at a loss & Scott has quite a list of foods he wants. I'm thinking a trade of "I'll cook if you clean" may be in order!

And I can't finish off this post without at least pointing out Syd's trendsetting outfit. She dressed herself & when I opened my mouth to say something, she put her hand up to scilence me & said "Mom, this is what I want to wear." Well, okay then.

What about you guys? 
Big Thanksgiving plans?
Recipes? Traditions? 
Anyone doing Black Friday? 
Good deals I cannot miss?


Anelieze said...

Look at Syd's expression. She looks so independent already!

Wish i could have seen you all set up with your drink stirrers--it seriously is a lot of work, right? But now I guess we'll be seeing more fun things in your shop!

Em and Russ said...

Is your hair red again? So cute! We are counting down the days to see you guys!

Smithy said...

love your hair red!!

Esther Noelle said...

Yes your red hair is awesome! And you look great in that outfit! Glad the market was a good experience - way to put yourself out there!

M said...

I must add my compliments on your beautiful hair! Nice color!

For Thanksgiving, I suggest "outsourcing" as much as you can WITH NO GUILT! For instance, order a turkey or just a turkey breast from Boston Market (or the local rotisserie deli at the grocery store). Buy a pumpkin pie already made (or at least buy the crust pre-made). Get those rolls that are pre-made and frozen (Rhodes?) so you just have to pop them in the oven to cook. Everything will taste just as wonderful as if you'd spent three days making it and you'll have your sanity intact at the end. My 2 cents!

Marlena said...

You look so great Olivia! I am in LOVE With that outfit and your hair!! miss you guys! wish we were getting to see you next week!

Anonymous said...

The girl's really into mixing prints, huh? She's rocking it.

With a firefighter, cop and nurse in the family, we usually don't do Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. We celebrated once last week and will celebrate again on Sunday. Today, I showered and got right back into bed. It's lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving!