Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

We had a lovely quiet Christmas with just our family. Pretty much everyone in the family was going through some degree of sickness so we played it cool and laid low.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely "Family Night" where we talked about the symbols of Christmas & read the Nativity Story. We let the kids open a gift that night of new jammies and we also included a journal & colored pencils for them to start drawing/writing in each day.

We took the morning slow- blissfully sleeping in. Then we slowly opened our stockings (my favorites part), hung out, & enjoyed exchanging presents.

Then as soon as we were done, the kids busted out the Lego sets we got each of them. It's the one thing the both asked for and they were ga-ga over them. And this was Reason #498 that I love Scott: he can sit and put together millions of tiny pieces for hours without mentally breaking down like I do.

I spent the day feeling gross, off, & tired so my final Christmas gift from Scott was order Chinese food dinner rather than having me cook the big elaborate dinner I had planned. And that's Reason #262.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


brook said...

adorable pictures. i hope you and your family are feeling better!

April Carter said...

Man the kids look so big. They look cute in their new pj's. You have a wonderful little family. Love you all.

Katie said...

I am so glad you just got the Chinese food. I love your idea of the journals on Christmss Eve. Hope you are feeling better!

Kris said...

So glad you had a good Christmas and a nice night-off making dinner. What a relief man.

AND... by the way we haven't forgotten about Rob. Logan has been dying to have him over but we've been ridden with sickness and family and cousins in town here and there and haven't dared have anyone over. Soon though! Perhaps mid to end of this week??

Jill said...

I hope your family is feeling better for now. As for mine, we are getting the New Year's sickies.

Esther Noelle said...

Looks like a lovely Christmas! And ending it with Chinese was a great idea!!! :)