Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Family- Dec 17th

Greetings Loyal Friends!

Thank you for sticking with me because, really, two Sunday Family Picture Posts in a row?! That's practically blasphemy. And honestly, we look tired in this picture, but it's nothing compared to seeing this little family in person. We're messy tired. I thought November was crazy... December is pure madness. The good, the bad, and the ugly too & it's only half way through the month!

We are keeping in the Christmas spirit despite being busy. It's all decorating, Mannhiem Steamroller Christmas CD listening, scripture reading, treat making, service doing GOODNESS! And, frankly, if I'm busy with family, friends, and service I don't see a better reason to be pulling my hair out.
I hope everyone is more ready than I am for Christmas and is keeping in mind the reason for the season (a couple Nativity videos I love here and here).

Any other videos, songs, articles, or pictures that help you remember Christmas? 
Any other fun plans for your last week before Christmas? 
Anything you are excited to give for the holidays?
 What are you asking for for Christmas?


Kris said...

Lincoln has the cutest shorts/pants ever! And if taking care of a short friend who peed his pants at your house counts as service, then you definitely earn a gold star. :)

April Carter said...

I sure love this family. So glad you do blogs so i can see.