Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Family- Jan 20th

Hi long-lost friends! 

How's everyone January going? It's still painfully cold here guys. I don't want to be a whiner here but dude, it's terrible. Plus we have horrible air quality right now so the kids can't even go outside even if they wanted to brave the high of 7 degrees going on outside. We're getting creative on how they can get there energy out (doing jobs, jumping on the bed, and general play) & I see a blog post in the future with advice for those of you in the cold. 'Cause the Carter Kids are going bonkers!
For all my concerns that I'd be bored this month I've kept myself busy. Nothing fun but lots of organizing and cleaning and all sorts of other adult-y/responsible stuff. But I'm exciting for Martin Luther King Day tomorrow- the kids will be off and we'll be able to go do something fun to celebrate!

Any fun plans for this week? 
How about ways to beat the winter blues? 
Fun activities to keep the kiddos moving inside?
And Happy MLK Day!


stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Rob's Sunday outfit!

brook said...

i am SO done with winter. spring, please!

Kristal said...

Lovely outfit Liv! Ya, being stuck inside stinks... good luck keeping those hood rats entertained. Maybe some 'naptime' induced hibernation is in order.

M said...

Clear the table from the kitchen/dining room and make them run relays like we used to have to do in gym class. Or have a dance-a-thon to silly music. Great to get the blood flowing. It is rough to be cooped up indoors so much!