Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Family- January 13

 We were out of town the past two Sundays so we didn't get a Sunday Family picture taken and this Sunday we were all sick. It sucks having kids in school, Scott at work, and us all at church we're bound to catch something and spread it around despite my best efforts. We spent a lot of the day trading naps & eating cold cereal and warm hot coco.

Is anyone else stuck in the cold? There was another huge storm here Thurs, Fri, & Sat- feet of snow on top of the already unmelted feet of snow. There are pros to living in Utah- our backyard being one of them & lots of kid friendly stuff going on, but I'm telling you the winters are not one of them.

So, how are your New Years resolutions going? I made a goal to dye my hair a funky color (though my bright red was pretty funky) so I went in & got my ends lightened so I could temporarily/chalk dye them whenever I wanted it.The main bulk of my hair is a touch darker than I anticipated but it fades so fast that I figure I'm going to embrace the dark color- it's pretty funky in & of itself.

What are you plans for January? Every time January comes around I feel like there is nothing to look forward to for months so tell me how you fill your "Jan/Feb slow time". Any & all suggestions will be utilized to elevate my boredom. 

Hope everyone has a fab week & stay warm. It's cold out there!


Marlena said...

hope you all feel better!! can't wait to see what you do to your hair. I'm liking it already!! :)

Katie said...

We are having bizzare January weather. It was 75 and muggy all weekend. I keep waiting for the real winter to start.

We have Chad's b-day this month which is always a little hard because it is not long after Christmas so I have already used up a lot of my gift ideas. Anyway, his birthday is something to do this month and mine is next month, so that gets us through a little.

I am doing well at keeping my resolutions, but feeling a little grumpy as I adjust. I think I should have thrown in one really fun one.

Rachel+Co said...

we have 3 birthdays in jan/feb (one of them being MINE!), so i feel like it's a busy time here. it's a good time to tackle some indoor projects too, before it's warm enough to work outside. not to mention the two 3-day weekends (MLK day and president's day). maybe start an organization project or something? once you're feeling better of course! and if the inversion gets to you, drive up the canyon! the air is crystal clear up there.

Buck Jeppson said...

I love the hair. Be sure to take photos of chalking your hair.

The Martin Luther King Jr Birthday holiday is Jan. 21. You might use it as an excuse to find a couple of good Southern recipes. Google "soul food" to get a whole new take on regional cooking.

February is Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Lincoln's birthday. There is nothing slow that month. If you can't figure out creative things to do, I'll come hit you over the head with a rubber chicken.

Katie said...

Oh, and I love the hair too. You and Audra are an inspiration to me.