Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Years Resolutions Revisisted

A month into my New Years Resolutions and I think we should all take stock out how our year is going thus far. For me the revolution is... well, revolutionary.

1) CLEANING- Dude, people, this is no easy task for me. I'd like to do just about ANYTHING other than clean the house. Especially while it is occupied by 3 children. But I'm doing it. Slow and steady. Line upon line. Schedule turning to habit. I've even added some live plants around the house too. Wish me luck on keeping up on this one. It's kicking my trash.

2) ORGANIZING- I've got a mountain of "to do's" in organization. But to start out, I made my own organizer this year from a mini 3-ring binder- added tabs, paper, printout, reminders, & mini post-its. Plus a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. So far it's been super helpful & I may actually be on-time somewhere sometime. Okay, maybe let's not go that far.
3) ETSY SHOP-It's nice to have a bit of play money- "out-to-lunch-with-the-ladies" money or "take-handsome-on-a-date" money. So, I've tried adding some fun stuff to my Etsy site which is always so much more than just putting stuff up: you've got to buy supplies, make them, take pictures (with this baby destroying everything), and then list them up. But it stretches me creatively & I got a nice big order for a wedding (how fun is that?) so I'm keeping busy with that.
Okay, people, what about your resolutions/goals? Fun stuff? Fill me in!


Katie said...

I am right with you on the whole cleaning thing. It is one of the last things on earth I want to do with my time. But it feels so much better when things are clean that, just like you, it's been a big goal of mine for years.

Organizing...I have a very similar folder to yours that keeps me sane. Mine is a lot uglier though. I used to try to organize everything on the phone and computer, but I get distracted so easily that that didn't work very well. I call my folder my "Focus" folder.

My new year's resolutions had to do with temple work and visiting teaching and so far I am doing pretty good, with still plenty of room for improvement.

I like your plants!

Smithy said...

oh man. i still need to get my vision board together.

Anonymous said...

This year I am focusing on cleaning, too. I want to stop putting things off and train myself to just do it as it needs to be done and without thinking about it. It's going OK so far, wish me luck!