Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Family- March 3rd

Hooray for March! It's been warm and fabulous and I couldn't be happier that winter is slowly melting away. We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday eating a picnic and playing at the park. It was fantastic soaking up the sun and we all got a lot of energy out- which is MUCH needed. Seriously, you guys, the sun is making me giddy!

This past week was busy but so much fun too- I started  HARDCORE working out this week with the fabulous Writer Group Meagan, that leaves me feeling all at once fantastic and exhausted. It was also the kids "Parent Teacher Conferences" this week and the kids are both doing great in school.We let them pick books out at the Book Fair as a "yahoo!" for each of them.
 Happy March everyone! Let us all pray that this winter is over and done with! I've got a long of projects up my sleeves and they require outdoor space to get them all done!


Kristal said...

Hurray for sunshine! I'm glad you guys got to get outside this weekend, the few days it's been rainy this winter Natalie was NOT HAPPY about being inside all day, so I can't imagine feet of snow. Hopefully it stays nice for you!

I remember book fairs, totally my favorite.

Marlena said...

love that picture!! It's been in the 70's over here!! I'm loving it!! summer is so close. I see you tried spin!?! fun...well kinda! I did it once and never went back again! haha It was painful in so many ways! well love ya!! hope this week is great for you!

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