Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Family- May 5th

Happy, happy, happy MAY!

Hooray it's May! This week has been busy- Scott's birthday, I bought new workout shoes (which, you guys, changes your life it's so great!), took most of the blonde out of my hair (I have come to the conclusion that I am a brunette and no matter what I do blonde just feels wrong on me), and it's finally warm enough to bust out sandals and flowy skirts (I am therefore, much more joyful in everyday life).
This next week is going to be even more crazy with Beehive Bazaar, which I am telling you about because I had some backlash from the last time I did one of these market things & didn't tell people until the day of. So, I am doing it again. Putting myself out there. It's scary and intimidating and I feel like I am not cool enough but I'm putting that aside and doing it. So, come on by, it's May 9-11th and then again the 17-18th!

Hope everyone had a fabulous week and weekend! 
Any big plans for this next week?
Who is stocked for summer? 
I can not wait to have these kiddos home with me!


M said...

Great pics! Love the yellow sandals.

Kristie said...

Where did you get your Saltwater sandals? I want to get a couple more pairs, but I don't want to order them online, as they are so expensive.
I also wish you would do outfit posts, you always have the cutest things on!

Misty said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

stephanie said...

Gah! Your outfit and your hair = amazing! I can't wait to go to the Bazaar when I live there! Maybe you'll need a helper?

stephanie said...

Haha, I just noticed Sydney. Thanks for showing us the book you're reading:) Rob's pants are super cool!

kaitlin said...

where is that skirt from?!!

Benlovesting said...

Beautiful post! x