Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting Summer Off Right!

We've been spending copious amounts of time outside these past few weeks. Partially from winter/inside overdose and partly because we've had a lot of yard work to do. Check out all this work:

And while it's hard to tell this is strides better than it looked when we first moved in. Lawn, glorious lawn! I can't wait! 

Also, we've been kicking it at the pool and local splash pad, keeping cool and staying out of trouble. 
The next right of summertime fun was today's adventure of SUMMER HAIRCUTS! Plus, Syd has been endlessly frustrated with her hair, which is fine and clumpy and snarly and needs to be brushed ALL THE TIME. So, she decided it was time for a big cut.
As she put it, "I think this is a hair cut adults will like!" Which is quite frankly, all this old soul/little adult cares about.


M said...

Can I join you for the summer fun? I love Syd's sassy new short 'do!

Unknown said...

haha, that Syd-o. I do love her haircut and it was so good to see you guys! And I realized on the way home I forgot to give you your extra leather... fail.

Smithy said...

what happened to fiction friday? bring it back, yo

Esther Noelle said...

Yay for summer! Your yard looks so great! And we need another pool day stat.