Friday, January 24, 2014

BLOG UPDATE: Christmas 2013

We had a fantastic Christmas 2013!

1) We picked out the perfect Christmas tree:

2) We decorated it- always a blast! I'm pretty sure this was Rob's first time putting the angel on top. He is freaked out of heights so it was a BIG move for him!
3) For Christmas Eve dinner we had a lovely "We 3 Kings of Orient" dinner with all manner of middle eastern & oriental goodies & of course gold crowns too. (Here you can see a super-fun, super-speed video of our dinner that my dad shot) 4) And of course there were the obligatory Christmas Eve gift opening of new jammies!
5) And Christmas Morning was mellow, lovely, and relaxing! (You can also see this cute video of the book Syd wrote & Rob illustrated for the Grandpas Christmas gift)
 I sure do love these people!

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Unknown said...

glad you had a fun 1st Christmas! And this is Kristal, pretty sure it's logged into my other email that comes up as 'unknown'