Friday, September 28, 2007


My VERY favorite holiday is & has always been HALLOWEEN! Being able to dress up & pretend like you are someone else. I love it! It seems like GREAT things always happen for me around Halloween too. I met Scott two days before Halloween & our first date was to go see The Ring. I LOVE scary gory movies, coming up with costumes, carving pumpkins, cider, candy corn, the WHOLE shebang! I found a couple cute Halloween ideas I wanted to share- I'm sure you'll see a million posts about Halloween things since I'm obsessed about it from the end of September all the way until D-Day!

  • Here are some cool Pumpkins Carving Templates from the HP website- they have all sorts of cool paper projects!
  • I love Martha Stewarts Halloween ideas- she shows us that you can be an adult & still really party! She has cute Meringue Bones & some cool Simple Halloween Costumes for those that don't want to "really" dress up a whole lot.
  • The CUTEST Halloween drinks ever! These Haunting Hot Chocolate (it's white hot chocolate- has anyone heard of that?) from Better Homes & Gardens- not only are they cute but sound UBER tasty!

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