Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carter Halloween Party

We had a fun Halloween party tonight. It was just a small group of friends but lots of fun. The party was basically all black- everyone wore all black & the decor was all black too (so there isn't really anything pretty to see in the pics) but it was fun. It was all appetizers so it was all really good food! (hot wings, cheese fondue, egg rolls, cheese & crackers, pumpkin cookies- basically all over the map... and oh so good!) And to top it off we had cider so the house smells SO GOOD... ah... I love Halloween!


stephanie said...

I'm guessing that's the cider that's black... how did you get it black?

Olivia Carter said...

haha- no that's actually cups of SUPERFOOD- you know that health food drink that's made of spinach and strawberries and stuff. YUMMY!

Smithy said...

yo lady- your parties are da bomb. seriously, you're the best at set-up and decor. soo much fun!