Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Newsletter/ Website

I found this great website called Today's Mama. It's a regional listing of support, forums, & other things but I personally use it for the list of events & happenings each week for kids & babies. It lists the "every week" activities (like story time at various libraries) & "special activities" for each month (like trick-or-treating at various malls). It's a great place to find fun things to do with the kiddos.


Esther Noelle said...

Pretty nice to have it all in one calendar for you!

I didn't notice "liv and esther's amazing power walk at University Mall whenever they feel like it".... that was fun!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the comment on your blog! We love it when people spread the love for TodaysMama! As always, if you ever have any comments or suggestions for the site we'd love to hear them!