Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I created a monster!

So, Syd was sick last week so I let her lay around and relax (I mentioned how we watched Robin Hood after shots a couple weeks ago) well, I let her watch it a couple of times since she wasn't feeling well and now she's obsessed! I just didn't expect the "obsessed" stage to start already... I think we're just going to have to put a stop to the endless Robin Hood watching or her brain will turn to mush.


Shauna said...

hahahaha thats hilarious! Shes a TEENSY bit close to the tv, dont you think? hahahaha

Christie said...

JUST like Elizabeth with Cinderella!

babelouise said...

Her brain won't turn to mush. They become "obsessed" with things because they are learning. My oldest son had to watch Toy Story EVERY DAY for the longest time. He's 10 now and fine.