Friday, November 9, 2007

Stocking Stuffers #4

I'm a big fan of the The Container Store. They don't have one in Utah but they are all over DC and Maryland so I remember many visits there to find stocking stuffers. Here are just a couple ideas from their large inventory.

This is SO COOL- I've seen whole cameras that can do special effects but its cool to just have an attachment to do it like this. Very neat idea.

Oh man, if I could even express how terrible I am at knowing how long things have been in the fridge like this. But here's a helpful invention, a timer for your fridge items, that could help me from getting botulism of eboli (whatever lives in my fridge).

This is an increadably helpful invention, Paper Soap (sheets of soap for one time use soap) for someone who travels - maybe not in America where every hotel has a little soap bar for you but this might have been a life saver when I was in China (carrying around a nasty wet soap is so gross).

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