Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Smithy!

We went to a great party for my friend Smithy last night- it was a rager! Smithy is a super lady! Here are a couple reasons I love her:
1. No matter how far away we've lived from each other we have always talked at least once a week
2. Every time either of our lives has fallen apart we've driven from states away or flown across the country to help pick up the pieces.
3. She's a great travel partner: on a hike up the canyon, a drive across the country, or on a $2 scary train ride across China.
4. She got up at 5 am, when no one else would, to help me with a yard sale for my mom. And I have helped with multiple Smith family yard sales though my childhood.
5. She helps me with my babies like they are her own (she even came to multiple doc appointments for Rob to help watch Syd)
6. She would REGULATE anyone who hurt or upset one of her friends! She's fierce!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Smithy, from a total stranger who thinks you sound great.

Esther Noelle said...

Yeah Smithy! Hope your birthday was great!

I love the kids in their jammies!! :)