Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Liv's Christmas Wish List

1. I love this Martha Stewart square cake plate. It's SO CUTE! And the cupcake on it is adoreable.
2. I want some teacups SO BAD! I like these yellow ones from Anthropologie and these cute square ones from Target.
3. i tunes gift card- a classic! SO GOOD!
4. I blogged about these & I love this colander especially the blue or orange one.
5. A nice pair of fitted jeans for semi-dress up times. I really like the Gap long & lean & I this time I'm going to hem them to the right length.
6. Pretty coral rose earrings. They are just so pretty. This website has matching cute bobby pins I like too.
7. A subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine & Martha Stewart Weddings (they have the best party ideas).
8. UGH! I adore this sweater! I kick myself almost daily for not going into debt & buying it. It was at Anthropologie (called 3/4 length Wisteria Cardigan ) & now they don't have it. But if anyone sees one like it, or one on ebay let me know. I cry myself to sleep at night!
9. I want a pretty kitchen scale. I think this green one is SO CUTE!
10. I have been SEARCHING for a pretty cardigan- unfortunately I haven't been able to find one except on jcrew & it's a bit pricey for right now. But I love this bright green & the yellow too.
11. I want a pretty framed art print for the house. Here are a couple of my favorites: Monet, Chegall, & Magritte.
12. Ooooo! These pretty rain boots are SO CUTE- perfect for the slushy snow out here.
13. audible.com gift certificate. I received this one year from Mike. Scott's taught me how great audio books are & I have LOVED this gift that keeps giving through out the year!
14. I forgot to put this on my wish list from Scott & our extended family & now I'm kicking myself! These headphones are so cute & I would be awfully adorable wearing them- don't you think?
15. These little kichen containers are PRETTY, USEFUL, & CUPCAKES too!


Shauna said...

liv, i have those coral earrings and i LOVE them. They sell them at mode boutique and i think they sell the matching bobby pins. theyre like 8 bucks i think. I picked mine up in Dallas but they are exactly the same.

Also i have loved that anthropologie sweater for as long as i can remember. I saw it on the sale rack in vegas at thanksgiving for 89 dollars and i almost bought it. but 89 dollars as a sale? get real!

Shauna said...

yup Mode on university ave. its a little boutique. its a pretty cute store..go take a look. Lots of overpriced stuff but a lot from local artists too its pretty cool. And there is a new vintage store just north of mode called "Coal Umbrella" and it has a lot of really cute stuff. its basically a glorified savers but its really fun.

Katie said...

I loved this post. I don't think I have ever seen a more colorful wish list. You can tell you love color!