Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So, I am making the kiddos some shirts for Christmas- dressing up some plain ol' white onesies. So, I decided to try some Rit Dye. I was terrified to use dye- seems scary... same reason I don't like to use bleach. But it was SO easy- you can use it just in the washing machine. You do need to run the washer afterwards & I'm so neurotic I also sprayed it down with bleach. I love that the stitching didn't dye- turned out better than I expected! I might just re-work some clothes of mine with this dye!


Jared and Cindy said...

Hey thats REALLY cool! I was really tempted to buy this white dress and dye it brown for my sisters wedding because I couldn't find a brown dress ANYWHERE! I was too chicken to try. I'm excited! I may have to try it out too!!

Mike Kessler said...

I'm not sure if your dad told you, but the cotton parts will dye just fine, but the polyester parts won't. That's why the cotton onesies are brown and the stitching white -- which is actually very cool and looks great! BTW, did you run the washer =again= after swabbing it with bleach, to get the bleach out?

Christie said...

I once spent an entire Spring break trying to dye scrubs for costumes...mediocre success.