Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Am I the only one that didn't know there were kids clothes from J. Crew? I just noticed when I was browsing their website this link for Crewcuts. The stuff they had was really cute. I can't wait until Rob gets a bit older & can wear handsome clothes like that. J. Crew is one of the times that preppy side of me comes out. Kind of a preppy geeky look & simple lines with bright colors- I love it!


Marsha said...

Skylar & I were in Old Town Pasadena on Saturday & saw these in the J. Crew store on Colorado Blvd. Skylar said that when she has kids this is what she wants me to dress them in (she's training me to be a grandma).

Lindsay Jane said...

So cute! I love their kids stuff. They have a catalog that you can usually pick up from a store.