Friday, January 11, 2008

Project Runway's Hershey Challange

So, Scott & I really like 'Project Runway'. This is the first season we will have watched all the way through. We're kind of behind but the last episode we watched had a challenge where the designers went through the Hershey Store in NYC's Time Square & made their outfits from anything they could find there. The outfits turned out really creative. On of my favorites is the dress on the right- it's all made of Twizzlers.


Dawn said...

OLivia. I LOVE Project Runway. It is the best. You really need to watch the newest episode. It is fantastic. They design prom dresses.

The Dad said...

Project runway is our ONLY reality guilty pleasure. Some of the people are beyond wacko and they make some odd choices, but the level of creativity is very high. The winner of this challenge (on the left) was amazingly well designed and made. Almost as good as I would have done.

Katie said...

I watch this show too, and this was a great episode. I kept waiting for the licorice dress to crash and burn but she totally pulled it off!