Thursday, January 10, 2008

Melissa & Doug Toys

Has anyone heard of Melissa & Doug puzzles? Sydney got this puzzle & this one for Christmas. There's just something about wooden toys that are sturdy & classic.


Esther Noelle said...

Oh Syd's puzzle is so cute! Robby loves his puzzle and little wood blocks from Melissa & Doug! So fun!!! Toys that aren't noisy or obnoxious... yeah!

Christie said...

Elizabeth got their alphabet puzzle and a zoo one for Christmas and will get the vehicle and pet sound puzzles for her birthday. Melissa & Doug toys are great!

Jared and Cindy said...

Hey.. Jack got the barn puzzle for Christmas! It's soo cute! He likes to put the handles in his mouth.. I have to disagree with Es because this toy CAN be noisy! Jack loves to bang the pieces on the puzzle block... The harder he bangs the happier he is! :)