Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Voting- sorry LONG diatribe...

So, I went out and voted in the primary elections yesterday. It was a LONG wait... 45 minutes or so- & I was HORRIBLY sick but I survived through it & placed my vote.

When I woke up this morning I was listening to NPR & the mentioned that Utah cut down it's voting stations by half to save money but regretted it because there was such a large turn out- they "could not believe that 40% of Utahans came out to vote". I was shocked! Only 40%- and that was considered A LOT.

I know not everyone votes but the fact that 40% is a lot slightly stresses me out. I went to a church meeting, just before voting, with some ladies & when I mentioned needing to leave so I could vote they looked at me like I was crazy...

Them: "What are you talking about?"
Me: "Umm... it's the primary elections... you know, for the president"
Them: "Oh... I'm not really "into" politics. Just as long as *so-and-so* doesn't become president."

ARGH! Not into politics?!? AND then belly-aching about who might president when they didn't vote. Anyway, what I'm saying is GO VOTE!

P.S. here's the MONSTROUS line & me grossly sick, listening to my beloved ipod while in line.


Malea said...

I sat in line with my ipod, too. It was beastly, but I have done my civic duty.

Speaking of crazy, they said that John Edwards had a really large number of votes in UT. Ummm, people, if you don't know who's still in the race...maybe do a LITTLE research before you vote. Why aren't Americans more interested in who runs the free world!?!

Rob Parsons said...

You should go in the morning--Esther and I went and there wasn't any line at all. Walked in, signed the paper, walked to the booth, and voted. We went around 11 AM. Maybe it depends on the location.

Aunt Linda said...

Oh, that makes me sad when people don't care enough to vote!
Don't people realize that many other countries don't have the privledge to vote!?!

I'm glad you voted. I went early in the morning and walked in and out! Maybe you could move to Blythe! ha-ha!

Lindsay Jane said...

It's an absolute joke how much people complain about the candidates and how they'd just HATE it if so-and-so became president but they're unwilling to do anything about it.

My opinion on voting is the same as my opinion about all complaining: if you aren't willing to do something about it, keep your mouth shut except with those closest to you.