Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Okay, it is really late at night right now, but I've been laying in bed thinking about a lot things. One thought keeps coming to my mind... Scott Carter. That's right- that handsome guy laying next to me. I just keep thinking about how wonderful he is. Sorry that the title of this post makes it sound like something really exciting... alas, I have nothing juicy for you... just wanting to confess my love in a public forum. Cheese ball, I know!

So, let me cut it short & just say that I am married to an amazing man (& amazing doesn't cover it). He is an unbelievable husband, father, & friend. I can honestly say that every single day I think about how blessed I am to have married him. So, Scott, thanks for being charming, patient, kind, & my best friend.

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Lindsay Jane said...

I love your husband too. But not in the way you do.