Friday, April 4, 2008

It's patriotic duty... to by a new ipod

Scott & I have been talking about the economic stimulus check that will be coming next month & what we should do with it. Originally we said we would pay off bills & save the rest. After discussing, though, we decided it WAS OUR PATRIOTIC DUTY to spend it (at least a little of it). That money should be turned around & put it back into the economy. I mean, that's it's purpose (he he- how do you like that logic?).

So... this means... maybe Mrs. Olivia Carter needs a new ipod? My favorite friend has sad/dead ipod error on the screen. So sad!


Esther Noelle said...

that is a very sad IPOD face! :( I think you need a new one!!!

Christie said...

Hehehe...we've been really good lately about not "stimulating the economy" with any windfalls, but we'll get the rebate right in time to buy our plane tickets to Charlotte, so we'll be doing our patriotic duty as well!