Monday, May 12, 2008

Dang the sexist man at Panda Express!

Since yesterday was Mother's Day I decided that I earned Panda Express for lunch today (do we sense a trend here... get my hair done the day before Mother's Day, Spumoni the day of, & Panda Express the day after? I stretch out my holiday's).

When I got up the order the guy asked me what sides I wanted...
Me: "Orange Chicken & Kung Pao, please"
Him: "Girl's don't eat Kung Pao"
Me: "I like Kung Pao"
Him: "It's too spicy for girls"
Me: "Ummm..."
(I'm stunned- I even look around hoping someone can over hear this conversation so I can confirm that I'm not imaging this)
Him: "Maybe you want some Mushroom Chicken"
Me: "No, Kung Pao is fine. Thanks."

Mumble Grumble! Weird guy at Panda Express, I wish you read my blog so I could show you this picture of my relishing in the spicy goodness of this not-really-all-that-spicy American version of Kung Pao chicken- The stuff I ate in China makes your lips numb.


k.k. @ thE b.y. said...

haha are you for real?
what a funny story.

Ash said...

I get Kung Pao everytime - yum-o!

Lindsay Jane said...

I definitely thought that said sexiest and couldn't figure out why Scott was working at Panda.

Jared and Cindy said...

Oh my gosh! I did TOO and couldn't figure out why you were calling the guy sexy?! That's too funny!

Pari said...

Don't you love how the the guy classified you as a "girl" too, instead of a woman.

Girls need to be protected from dangerous things like spiciness, don't you know?

I love the pic - I say you tape it to the door of Panda!

monica said...

hahah who does that? im pretty sure they should keep their mouth shut when taking peoples orders!

Esther Noelle said...

I'm with Lindsay, I was waiting to hear about the sexy man and wondering what the heck you were thinking... ah ha...

That story is hilarious! Sounds like crazy Russians too.... "Know, I know what you need, you don't know what you need...." grrr!

And ps, you look so cute in that picture!